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With 29 Years Experience, I Lead my Industry with Magnificent Savvy, Superior Knowledge and Prudent Expertise. I Can Guide You Through Market Conditions Including Proper Values, Advertising, Marketing, Contracts, Negotiations, Inspections and Closings. I can Navigate You through the Inventory and Internet Intensity of Our Current Market Whilst Making Your Next Real Estate Transaction the Best Experience of Your Life. I can Save You Money, Invest Your Money, Help You Spend Your Money to Make More and Experience Less Stress within the Unlimited Boundaries of Your Next Real Estate Experience. I am Proficient in All Areas of Real Estate and Finance Complete with a Healthy Attitude, Professional Demeanor, Kind and Courteous. In other Words...I Love my Industry and the People within...I am Truly the Ultimate Real Estate Broker Looking Forward to Providing You With the Most Crucial Aspects Necessary to Complete the Next Stage of Your Personal or Professional Life Within the Limitless and Most Amazing Field of Real Estate.    



Maureen E. Marcus

Maureen E. Marcus

Cell #941-445-2661

______________________________________________________________________________________________ In addition, I  am a super excited Real Estate Broker. I have been in the Real Estate Industry for 29+ Years and have discovered a valid home auction technique whereas a homeowner can sell their home for more than it is worth in today’s market and the buyer can still purchase the home for under $500 Free and Clear of a Mortgage. I am finalizing the application in order to debut our 2019  launch here in the state of Florida. 

For nearly three decades Marcus Real Estate has been committed to helping home buyers and sellers achieve their goals. It is very rewarding to place a key in the hand of someone who never thought they could purchase their own home. It is equally rewarding helping homeowners realize the full value of their investment from the sale of their home.

As the industry shifts, we must shift too. First, as the financial industry tightens their belts and home loans become unavailable and higher-priced, we have to focus on creating an environment where home ownership is affordable again. Second, we need solutions for home owners who have fallen behind on their payments or find themselves with mortgages that exceed the value of their homes, and the only way out is a losing proposition. Third, we need to focus on selling the excessive amounts of homes on the market today which in turn will increase property values for those who have suffered but would like to stay in their home. Fourth, we need to center our attention on liquidating Builder inventory to free up monies that can be used for new growth and development which in turn can create more jobs and an economic shift. The end result is happier people with a richer economy and a stronger community. The Unique Bid Home Auction Program has been developed with these goals in mind.

            The Unique Bid Home Auction Program utilizes the Lowest Unique Bid Auction Format
to move inventory on the market today. We can offer a buyer a home for under $500.00, free and clear of a mortgage or liens. In addition, in order to give the buyer a chance at affordable home ownership, we also commit to paying for the first year of property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, pool care, lawn care, pest care, and green care for the home. Our dedication to a high quality Real Estate transaction will be extended to provide the new Buyer with a professionally inspected House, placed under home warranty for the first year. Minimizing monthly household expenses will result in an increase of discretionary income for individuals and families around the world. Our green care program allows a new homeowner to select a package up to $10,000 at closing in order to make their new home friendlier to our earth’s environment.

The intention is to liquidate the debt of struggling property owners.  When purchasing property to be placed in the auction, we pay the homeowner market value or mortgage amount, whichever is higher, thus giving troubled homeowners a fresh start.

By developing the software into a multi auction system, the Unique Bid Home Auction Program can serve frequent and concurrent Homeowners, Buyers and Sellers across America. By utilizing a simple Business Model Formula that I designed for expansion purposes, we will have proven success within an integrity based operation that is highly and quickly duplicatable for other Real Estate professionals to do the same.

Our program showcases beautiful new builder model homes. By purchasing newly constructed homes we can decrease the overstock in the market and replenish Builder’s funds. These Builders and developers can then in turn apply these funds to new projects that will offer strength to our economy.

I am pleased to be involved with such a powerful program. We are creating a platform of affordable home ownership with a solution for dissolution of mortgage debt and enhanced community and economic development.

 ..."I feel very strongly that once an individual or a family can live debt free, the quality of their lives can be enriched with the freedom to laugh and play often, touch their inner spirit and achieve their most ambitious dreams and goals"... 

Through the Power of My Intent I Encourage You to...
"Live Debt Free America".

Maureen E. Marcus

Maureen E. Marcus

Marcus Real Estate, Inc.

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Sarasota, Florida 34233
Cell 941-445-2661
Fax 941-922-0472
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