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General Guidelines and Terms of Sale

Each Home Auction will have its own set of Very Specific Terms and Conditions, but as a General Guideline Please be Advised of the Following:

1.     You must be at least 18 years of age to place a bid in a Home Auction.


2.    You must provide us with accurate contact information upon Registration so we can reach you if you are the successful bidder in the Auction.


3.     We will never sell or share your information.


4.     We ask that you review the Home’s Expenses before placing a bid.   We want you to be able to afford the house.


5.     We ask that you do not place a bid that is more than you can afford.


6.     We ask that you do not place an Initial Bid in an Auction if you will not be validating that bid in the future.


7.     You can change your Final Bid amount all the way up to the point of validation (when you pay $100-$250 for the use of the Home Auction Service Pack).


8.     We ask that you do not share your Final Bid amount until the Auction closes to the public.


9.     The results to all Closed Auctions will be posted online.


10. We ask that if you are the Successful Bidder in the "Home Auctions" to execute a Contract for Purchase and place your Successful Bid amount into escrow within 48 hours with our Attorney.


11. We ask that if you are the Successful Bidder in the "$250K or $500K Cash for a Florida Home Auction" that you place your successful bid amount into escrow with our attorneys within 48 hours, identify your new Florida Home within 30 days and execute a purchase agreement for that same amount.


12. We ask you to perform any and all additional inspections and close within 30 days (depending on the Auction).


13. We will ask that if you are the Successful Bidder in the Auction that you provide your closing agent with Drivers License, SS# and original signatures.  This information is for real estate closings only and will not be sold or shared.


14. We would like for you to be here to see your new home before closing but it is not required.  Closings can be performed by mail away.


15. If you are the Successful Bidder, we will pay all of your closing costs except mortgage or lender fees.  All transactions are cash only.


16. We ask that you maintain integrity throughout the Home Auction process as well as the purchase process.

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