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Seems like modern day Real Estate equates to overleveraged homes, underwater properties, short sales and severe equity loss for most, if not all of us right now.  I believe the origin of the demise began when the "one percent deferred interest mortgage" hit the market back in 2000. Historically when interest rates go down the value of our property goes up. When the "one percent money" began to dry up in 2006 the rollercoaster ride began its downward spiral. As we all know when interest rates go up, the value of our property goes down. This set of circumstances is what has created our  current "Financial Bubble". The problem is that the many and the masses that either bought in that window or refinanced in the time period are now in trouble. Most of you have a mortgage on your property that is far greater than the value. This can pose a problem unless you are cash rich. For those of you who are not cash rich then your solution at this time is a bank approved short sale. To legitimately qualify for a short sale you must be in default on your present note and mortgage, own nothing and have nothing. This default in and of itself can have long lasting negative effects on your credit and purchasing power in the future. Not all lenders are offering short sales as a solution therefore forcing many people into foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Although each and every one of you has a unique situation and a different set of circumstances we can safely say that every one of you in this situation most likely needs the same thing, a better alternative to the problem. I am not here to define a solution to every homeowner's problem however I have identified a unique auction format that can provide a homeowner that wants to sell their overleveraged home in today's market a viable option and potentially a better alternative.

In the Low Unique Bid Home Auction Sellers can earn more than the value of their home and buyers can purchase their home under $500 free and clear of a mortgage. It is a win-win scenario. Furthermore there are many other benefits arising from the use of this auction format.

I believe there are 10 valid reasons and benefits to the Low Unique Bid Real Estate Auction:

1.     Help Homeowners out of Overleveraged Properties

2.     Liquidate Builder’s Inventory and Stimulate Economic Growth in our Communities

3.     Eliminate the Need for Short Sales and Foreclosures

4.     Allow Homebuyers the Ability to own a Home Free and Clear of a Mortgage therefore Increasing Household Discretionary Income

5.     Reimburse the Lenders/Creditors on outstanding Notes on Mortgages and Other Debt Restoring Financial Markets

6.     Increase Property Value for Existing Homeowners by Removing Excessive Inventory from the Market

7.     Create Jobs and Income for Many Industries Across the Country

8.     Encourage and Support an Eco-Friendly Household Environment

9.     Increase Revenue for Local, State and Federal Governments

10.  Provide an Economic Stimulus on a Grass Roots Level for the USA


I have spent almost three years and well over a million dollars of earned and unearned income perfecting this process. We have a ways to go yet until perfection is reached but somehow I know as long as I am dedicated and stay focused I will attract the quality of people that can maintain their integrity and harness their energies in a good way to make this a common stay in our market.

We have run several mock auctions with great success however there is one missing variable that needs to be factored out. That would be how many bidders validate and pay for their bid once they have signed up into a home auction. Very similar to the airlines that overbook their flights we feel we might have to do the same in any given auction. Once that variable is established we can easily manage the auction underflow or overflow required to close out successfully. We will be determining this throughout the balance of the year by running cash auctions for Florida properties in every county. This way in the future when a certain and exact dollar amount is essential to help a homeowner out of their overleveraged home we will know exactly how many bidders will be required, and how many will pay once collected for auction close. With that variable worked out we can then start to sell the homes that need this auction format the most. Specifically those homeowners who do not have the means to help themselves and are facing despair and grave economic loss.


I ask you as a homeowner to support the cause and join in on our auctions so we can expeditiously spread throughout the State and the Nation. If you have a specific situation that you may think we can help you with please contact me directly. By spreading the word to your family and friends we can achieve success together, remove despair and restore hope to troubled home owners.


Thank You in Advance for Your Participation, Loyalty and Dedication.


Maureen E. Marcus

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