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Low Bidders

When I wake with the thought of perpetuating mortgage free real estate transactions my energy lifts and my heart fills with joy. With a worsening economy and a tightening financial market I am not sure how home ownership would be affordable again without this type of auction available to the masses. I have studied the various auction formats and went back to the days of the Roman Empire whereas the first auctions began. Most companies are using this low unique bid auction technique to sell electronics, cars and gas cards. When I met this auction format I immediately began to apply it to the real estate industry. Harnessing over 20 years of experience and a lifetime of compassion I have spent almost three years and well over a million dollars of earned and unearned income perfecting this process. We have a ways to go yet until perfection is reached but somehow I know as long as I am dedicated and stay focused I will attract the quality of people that can maintain their integrity and harness their energies in a good way to make this a common stay in our market.


From a Buyer's perspective I believe this auction format makes sense for five basic reasons:


1.     Buyers can live in a beautiful Florida Home for under $500 Free and Clear of a Mortgage.

2.     As new Homeowners with discretionary income more time can be spent enjoying life and family.

3.     Without the albatross of a large monthly household payment other credit card debt and car payments can be paid down and eventually, with prudence can be paid off entirely.

4.     In this "mortgage free" environment life can be sustained without the need to refrain from spending monies on higher health and education. We can heal and learn more about ourselves and others as we share a life together debt free. We can physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually nourish and nurture ourselves to wholeness and oneness. We can eat better foods, read better books and find more time for the divine.

5.     In all of this I believe we can also stabilize our local communities by infusing monies into the economy therefore creating jobs and income for industries across America which in turn will provide a true economic stimulus on a grass roots level for the USA.


For these reasons and more I ask that you climb on board, with eyes wide open and join our team of bidders and professionals that care enough and want to make a difference. By working together in a healthy and honest environment and sharing the news of the potential here we can collectively make history and change our future path to one of completeness and wholeness. We can remove despair and bring about a change in the disparity of our value system. Let's take the value off the dollar and replace it with quality of life.  I feel this is a lofty yet should be a common goal for humanity.

We have run several mock auctions with great success however there is one missing variable that needs to be factored out. That would be how many bidders validate and pay for their bid once they have signed up into a home auction. Very similar to the airlines that overbook their flights we feel we might have to do the same in any given auction. Once that variable is established we can easily manage the auction underflow or overflow required to close out successfully. We will be determining this throughout the balance of the year by running cash auctions for Florida properties in every county. This way in the future when a certain and exact dollar amount is essential to help a homeowner out of their overleveraged home we will know exactly how many bidders will be required, and how many will pay once collected for auction close. With that variable worked out we can then start to sell the homes that need this auction format the most. Specifically those homeowners who do not have the means to help themselves and are facing despair and grave economic loss. However please remember although the homeowners might be in duress I will make sure these properties that go up for auction have a five star inspection and any and all repairs or deferred maintenance will be provided and/or paid for so you, the new buyer can simply enjoy your new luxury.  


I would like to thank you in advance for your participation and ask for your loyalty to the cause and request that you help spread the word that we exist and we are here to stay.



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