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10 Steps for High Bid Sellers

You are currently sitting in a period of time that just may very well be the best time to sell your Sarasota home. I am fearless when it comes to the Real Estate Market. Although many homeowners have already suffered from extreme depreciation over the last three years the analyst and economist are still predicting another 20-39% decline from our current housing market.

As a Real Estate Broker with 27 years experience I do work with buyers and sellers on a daily basis. I feel confident that the above mentioned information in reference to the projected continued decline will not prohibit sales activity in our gold coast beach town.

I have always thought the money in Sarasota was brought here, not necessarily made here and that many of the wealthy and influential chose Sarasota to inhabit based on the beauty of our beaches, the charm of our sunsets and the eclectic nature of our downtown and surrounding areas. Season picks up and it seems like to many that Sarasota, Florida is the most wonderful place in the world to be and live.

Based on that Buzz we have a never ending real estate market of buyers that are and will be looking for that one right home that they “ABSOLUTELY JUST HAVE TO HAVE AND PRICE JUST DOES NOT MATTER”.

Some say price or terms, I say get it all. However in order to do so you must know and appreciate the Sarasota Florida Buyer. You must also know and understand how to maneuver in an inventory intense market. 

1.    Your home and your internet values must be properly displayed on the World Wide Web. Studies show that 97% of all Sarasota buyers look to the internet first for location, price and amenities.  A good suggestion here would to use a Real Estate Broker that is Internet Savvy.


2.    Your documents should be properly displayed within a single property website for the long distance buyer’s review. Many buyers will purchase property on line without even seeing the home based on the thorough nature of the photos, tours, expense details, disclosures and inspection reports made available to them online.


3.    Seller’s strike while the iron is hot. Take long distance offers subject to a personal inspection or walk through and do not fear losing another buyer during the time it takes the seller to fly here once you have an accepted offer. You can always back it up with a first right of refusal so you do not lose precious time on the market and yet your buyer is your bird in your hand. Use this contingency factor in your favor.


4.    Engage in a global syndicated marketing plan with your home as center stage attracting the attention of the masses. Make sure you have a Real Estate Broker that can attract the quantity of buyers and yet is still effective in turning that quantity into the quality of one right buyer that is ready, willing and able to pay you the price and terms that your require.


5.    Engage in a specific target marketing plan with your home grouped with other like kind homes. Make sure your real estate broker can afford this type of marketing and advertising. I am specifically talking about direct email campaigns to qualified Florida homebuyers and/ or social networking to over 300 Million people that have expressed interest in Florida Real Estate.


6.    Engage in an attention campaign when necessary. Price will frequently be a deciding factor when house hunters are shopping (as it should be). However I believe in the power of numbers and the factor once removed. By removing the price and placing “Highest and Best Offer” on a virtual auction platform you will get the attention of the masses. Although many will not be able to afford what they are looking at, you will most likely find the one right buyer that will suffer from an extreme emotional attachment and pay you your price under your terms.


7.    Interview your Real Estate Broker before hiring them and make sure they are proficient in all areas of financing. The only thing worse than trying to sell your home in an inventory intense market is trying to sell your home to a buyer that is not qualified to purchase.


8.    Interview your Real Estate broker and make sure they are proficient in Legal Contracts and Closings. Believe it or not, you can be licensed as an agent or a broker in the State of Florida and have never written a Real Estate Contract or Closed a Real Estate transaction.


9.    Select a friendly, professional and competent agent to work for you. I might remind you that NOT ALL REAL ESTATE AGENTS ARE CREATED EQUAL. I am a believer in working with a broker that owns their own company. Their reputation is on the line and if they have been in business for a long time check their license to see if they have any derogatory comments or complaints against them. 


10.  If you are unhappy, exercise your right to cancel your contract with your current real estate agent and hire another more reputable and knowledgeable firm like Marcus Real Estate.  


In closing, you will require extreme talent and expertise in order to sell your home for what you require in today’s market. I find that this talent is better served by a native of the industry and can be delegated properly to those in the field with the most experience. In the end Ladies and Gentlemen, every home has a buyer and in some cases it is like finding a needle in a haystack but I will close on this note and remind you how much fun you had the last time you found yourself in a haystackJ

For more information on how these 10 steps can work for you please contact me.

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