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Home Auction ID # $250K Cash for a Florida Home

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This Home Auction is designed for those of you who would like to purchase a Home Valued at $250,000 anywhere in the State of Florida and either do not qualify for a mortgage or do not want the expense of one.


Here's How it Works...


You Can place an Initial Sealed Bid between One Penny and Five Hundred Dollars for this Home Auction Package Valued at $250,000 in the initial entry form below. (A Place Holder Bid )


Once the Bid Reserve has been met (The Number of Bids Required in this Auction is 2,900), the Validation Process Begins. You will receive an Electronic Notification sent to your email address with a Final Registration Link. This link will have the "Alternative Home Auction Service Pack" (outlined below), General Terms and Conditions, and a Place for you to Submit your Final Bid Amount before the Close of the Auction.


"The Alternative Home Auction Service Pack" includes, but is not limited to, the following: ($600 Value)


  1. Fla. Home Buyers Guide and Offers 
  2. Fla. Survey Offer, Info & Requirements
  3. Fla. Appraisal Offer, Info & Requirements
  4. Fla. Inspection Offer, Info & Requirements
  5. Fla. Title Offer, Info & Requirements
  6. Fla. Disclosure Info & Requirements  

There is a fee of $120 to validate your final bid once you have received and accepted the information contained within the Home Auction Service Pack. THESE FEES COLLECTED WILL PAY FOR YOUR NEW QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLAR FLORIDA HOME AND THE SERVICES PROVIDED.


Upon the close of the Auction the Bidder with the Lowest Bid Amount, unmatched by any other bidder in the Auction or "Unique" in Value, will Purchase their Alternative Home for that amount (Less than $500 Cash) Free and Clear of all Liens. (All successful bids in home auctions are "Unique in Value", only one person in any Auction leaves with the house). As an example if you place a bid for one penny and another bidder does the same, one penny is the lowest bid amount in the auction but no longer unique in value. Duplicate bids cancel out and similar to standard high bid auctions, bid values increase during the course of the auction.


The Lowest Unique Bid Becomes the Cash Sale Price of Your New Home (Under $500). You will have 48 hours to place your Entire Cash Bid amount into Escrow with our Attorneys, 30 days to identify your NEW $250K Florida Home (MAYBE YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE PICKED OUT) and 30 Days to Perform any and all inspections and Close.


The Additional Costs Covered Within the Auction:


  1. Survey
  2. Appraisal
  3. Pest Inspection
  4. Home Inspection
  5. Title Insurance Policy to Buyer
  6. Recording Fees to the Buyer
  7. Home Warranty for the first year to the Buyer
  8. Taxes & Insurance Paid for the First Year of Home Ownership to the Buyer
  9. Pool Care, Lawn Care & Pest Control Contract for the First Year to the Buyer   

REMEMBER YOU DO NOT BID MORE THAN FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR THIS HOME AUCTION PACKAGE VALUED AT $250,000. The additional cost of the home is covered in the service pack fees collected at the close of the auction. 


                                   ** VIEW SAMPLE AUCTION RESULTS**




Time User Name Cash Bid Amount $ Unique ID
4/19/2010 20:54 Angel Mary 0.01 33462215
4/19/2010 20:57 Magdelina 0.01 33462281
4/19/2010 21:06 Raymond 0.01 33462441
4/19/2010 21:40 Lilly 0.02 33463206
4/19/2010 21:59 Adam 0.02 33463824
4/20/2010 13:04 Tiger1 0.03 33481105
4/20/2010 13:20 Ace of base 0.04 33481608
4/19/2010 20:55 Frederick 0.04 33462230
4/19/2010 21:00 Roosevelt 0.05 33462322



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